Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I have nothing relevant to say so I'll just you know whatever sense no one reads this! Hahahaha so it doesn't really matter what I say. I'm gonna make a list of random stuff:
1) I like mangos...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ’™
2) I love josh! #teampeetaforever
3) I am going to paint my nails Jack skeleton style 
4) It's gonna be awesome^^
5) This is stupid..
6) That's ok..
7) I am excited for Christmas and for snow and snow flakes to get in my hair and all over the trees and grass^.^
8) I want all the big sweat shirts and cozy sweaters in this world(because they are amazing and why not?)
9) I would like to start running...we shall see
10) I wish I was friends with a flamingo(inside joke don't ask...and yes I am perfectly ok)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Second week of school!

So I finished off my second week of school with the varsity football game yesterday. It was pretty fun, even though we lost :/ The homework is not unbarable....yet. But high school is way better than middle school so it's worth it!!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day

So the first day of high school really wasn't that bad! My only real forever alone class is Spanish. It's actually really scary(or was today) because there is only one person in the whole class that is a freshman! But I'll make it work :) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Aunt, niece date!

Sherry Carpet is probably one of the best aunts to ever exist in this world. Today(my last day in Cali) she took me to get my toe nails did and then we got some yummies from a bakery! :) Later today we are going to go out to dinner and afterwards I'm going to get my purple hair back. So I can start high school with some purple hair and purple toe nails ^.^

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Love this place so much! It's sad to think I have to leave it all on Saturday:(


Can't wait for the next season!!


I hate admitting it but school is coming up. So lets talk about it! If any of you are like me then you are probably nervous about your first day, but I have some tips and helpers to get you through your first day!

1. Come to school in something that you feel confident in! Something you love, but not inappropriate. You want to make a good first impression but of you, not someone else. It's important to have confidence in yourself, and being comfortable about how you look/what you are wearing will only help!
2. Don't be too stressed about not having close friends in all your classes. If you just keep a positive attitude and be yourself you will be making new friends in no time! You are not going to get anywhere if you glare at people and have a bad attitude. 
3. You are probably going to get confused and maybe even a little lost, but that's totally fine! It's actually expected, so don't freak out if you get lost. Just ask a teacher or another student(preferably a teacher or a staff member) to help you find your class. 
4. JUST BE YOURSELF- don't try and be someone you're not. People will love you for you and sure there are going to be people that don't like you but(unless you did something intentionally mean to them) don't take it personally. They probably have a something going on and are taking it out on you or they are just jealous of you. It's not right of them to act the way they do but don't let them bring you down. Eventually they will grow up and get over themselves.